Crisis Communication & Simulation

Prepare for the unexpected...

 Reputation Management, Crisis communications & Simulation training


“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

In times of uncertainty, preparation is your best weapon against the unknown. We are here to help you work up your crisis communication plans, test them and put your top executives and spokespeople through their paces in realistic broadcast and social media simulations. 

Are you COVID19 ready?

Our advanced video conferencing / remote media interview facilities, and CPD accredited courses/journalists, ensure we can train your key people for handling what's to come during 2021/2. 

Why us?

- Cost effective remote e-learning packages for individuals and groups via video conference.

- Realistic down-the-line practice interviews in the style of current media COVID-related interviews

- Social media simulation platform to safely test your messaging in a virtual environment (unique, bespoke in-house platform).

Take a look at our courses below, and feel free to get in touch  to talk about a bespoke package to meet your needs and budget.