Splutter - Crisis Media Simulation


What is it?


'SPLUTTER' , (TM), is a highly adaptable piece of software, designed as a social media simulation training tool. 

'Splutter' offers the functionality of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, enabling clients to re-create a simulated world of social media engagement during scenario-driven exercises, but crucially, in a password protected, secure environment.



Social media simulation exercises

Licensed to each exercise event with an accompanying social media journalist / operator, any client can post, react, hashtag and respond to any simulated incident. Participants can upload photos and observe realistic ‘spikes’ in social media crisis activity.

There is also the option to operate accounts for 'mock' disgruntled members of the public, who may be written into scenarios - especially useful for customer service teams.

The system is highly flexible and can run with a handful of participants, or it can be scaled up to work with dozens of players, incorporating additional radio and TV media elements.

Video Testimonial

See just one of the many positive responses we've had to our 'Splutter' social simulation training sessions from Bristol International Airport;

Post exercise analysis

Crisis simulation exercises move quickly and reviewing processes afterwards is a critical part of the learning. The ability for clients to refer back to their 'Splutter', timeline will play an important part in analysing where social media policy may need adapting. 


Our innovative 'Splutter' social simulator, also provides clients with a real time analytical product and opportunity to look back at their completed exercise.






The portal / dashboard is password secure and capable of handling more than one exercise at a time. Each client’s exercise 'Splutter' feed will be wiped afterwards for client confidentiality and the password changed each time. 

Training Outcomes

This training will build the confidence of your communications and/or customer service teams in using relevant major social media channels, when to make use of them and when not to. Through practical use of our secure social media training portal, this bespoke simulation event will help them to react in ‘real- time’.

It will give participants direct experience of handling a barrage of social media enquiries, complaints and comments. Your team will quickly develop a rounded understanding of how the major social media networks function, plus the tools and framework to be more effective when dealing with the public, media and stakeholders, or promoting your work.

The Programme

  • This programme will be presented in the format of an interactive seminar; this allows participants to gain the relevant practical experience and knowledge needed.
  • Every one of Mentor's events is tailored to our clients' needs and our training team will work with you to deliver the best options for your business.
  • We recommend the 'Splutter' exercise /  seminar take place at your premises using your computers, which will remotely log in to 'Splutter' using secure passwords.




Splutter - Crisis Media Simulation

SPLUTTER', (TM), is a highly adaptable piece of software, designed as a social media simulation training tool.