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Video Communication & Video Journalism Workshops

We run highly practical, creative workshops to help you develop better video content for your website, social media and internal communications. These can include creating strategic content, through to being a competent mobile video journalist, or 'Mo-Jo'. These skills are essential if you want to grab the attention of an ever resource-diminished media. 

Lots of organisations are now moving towards video press releases instead of emails, which may get ignored.

Our sessions incorporate video production, storyboarding, script-writing, presenting and filming, as well as how to get the best out of a range of apps and tools, such as smartphone accessories and Facebook Live. It shows participants how to have a positive impact in framing ideas and shooting and editing content, even with minimal presentation experience or technical skill.

Be a better video communicator with improved editorial and filming skills

Here's what one of our clients said about a recent course;
For better business results

Internal and external video communication is a vital part of today’s online platforms. Do it well and you can give your organisation real ‘edge.’ Do it badly, and you risk denting your reputation for professionalism.

We'll help you and your team become impressive video communicators – For BETTER business results!

 Here’s just one example of what we can offer; 

This interactive one day workshop (for up to 6 delegates) will help you:

  • Identify how video fits your communications
  • Construct an effective piece quickly – avoiding only “talking heads”
  • Storyboarding and an effective process to determine good content for you.
  • Better use of notes, scripts or autoprompt
  • How to be a stronger “on camera” communicator – look confident, be brief, be clear
  • Impactful non-verbal communication; using your hands, eye contact, posture and clothing
  • Shooting effective and engaging content using smartphone and tablets
  • Look for more creative approaches to camerawork
  • Use your own camera equipment more effectively - small accessories to make big differences
  • Future economies – how create regular, fast-turnaround video items which pack a punch.



Harnessing the skills and experience of our digital production and training divisions, Mentor can help you build an appreciative audience with your own low-cost online video. This can include how to get the most of the latest social video streaming tools such as You Tube/Twitter Live and Facebook Live.

We can tailor programmes and consultancy to your needs - and this brand of course is growing in popularity year-on-year. 

Prices are according to numbers of trainees and whether you have your own equipment, or if we supply it.



Our Better Video Workshops are led by tutors with broadcast production and shoot/edit experience. We have experienced broadcast camera tutors located in the North and South of England, where required. 

To help you get off the ground, or improve an existing service, we also offer:

A one day video shoot, with a Director producing up to 4 x 2 minute clips for your business to use. Includes all prep, shoot day, 2 days editing, music copyright clearance, encoding.   

If BOTH sessions are booked (i.e. workshop plus filming day) a 10% discount will apply.

Enquire using the Get A Quote button, email; office@mentortraining.org.uk or call: 07496 459 813