Mentor provides a range of communication consultancy and Business Continuity Planning support services.

Our team of consultants has extensive experience in strategic communication, reputation management, marketing, digital engagement, video production, social media and journalism. In addition to providing bespoke courses for the dozens of sectors in which we work, we also provide executive coaching, communication consultancy, business continuity planning, resilience testing and crisis simulation.

We can support you in the following areas:

One-to-one executive coaching

A popular service for busy CEOs and senior executives and board members who need support tailored to their personal requirements and schedule. Run by professional journalists at your place of work, our offices in London and Bristol or alternative venue of your choice. Support might focus on building confidence with public speaking, media interviews with radio and tv, social media or crisis communications.

Communication consultancy 

Providing you with the foundation for effective communication: we offer assistance with auditing, scoping, researching and writing your strategy and action plan, internal communication, staff engagement and training, marketing and campaign development, media relations, digital engagement, video production and social media. We can deliver content on your behalf or up-skill your team to create it in-house.

Communication transformation and change: MarComms Strategic Auditing

We've supported leaders with communications policy during times of change, such as mergers and during COVID-19. Our highly personable consultants have helped transform organisations from media reactive ones, into proactive, engaged and energised organisations which own their media agenda and narrative. We can assist your executive with a strategy combining communications change and media skills training to equip your key spokespeople. This includes how to develop an effective in-house digital newsroom, creating many more media opportunities.

Reputation management

Available to suit staff and stakeholders from the most senior to the most junior, we can run practical awareness-raising sessions looking at the importance of reputation to your organisation. We use real-life examples and case studies, combined with bespoke scenarios for your industry to develop effective reputation management skills for your team.

Crisis communications

Our crisis communication services offer a range of flexible components to meet your planning and preparation needs. These include:

Risk and Issues Audit – Helps you plan to avoid crises. We review your business continuity plans for any communications implications and advise on appropriate mitigation actions. 

Media Writing Workshops – This training enables you to improve your skills in writing great copy and press statements when under pressure. The sessions are very practical and designed around your needs. They address both internal and external audiences and can include writing press releases, statements, website copy, letters and promotional material.  

Business Continuity Planning & resilience testing 

Bringing together audit, consultancy, practical exercises and training, we provide tailored support packages to help your organisation become more resilient – better able to confidently handle any incident, in your organisation and in the media.

We work with you to identify key risks, update your risk register and to develop and test your Business Continuity Plan. Combining specialist expertise in business continuity, crisis management, communications and simulation, our service offers topical and relevant bespoke exercises and support.

If you are looking for a BCP service that moves with the times, look no further. We will deliver unique real-time exercises and industry-leading training using our team of experienced journalists and SPLUTTER software to simulate a crisis situation in the social media age.

Contact us to find out more about our joint BCP and crisis communications packages.