Business Continuity Planning

Making your team and organisation more resilient

Business Continuity Planning & resilience testing 

If you are looking for a business continuity planning service that moves with the times, look no further. We will deliver unique real-time exercises and industry-leading training, using our team of experienced journalists and SPLUTTER software to simulate a crisis situation in the social media age. 

Combining specialist expertise in business continuity, crisis management, communications and simulation, our service offers topical and relevant bespoke exercises and support. We work with you to identify key risks, update your risk register and to develop and test your Business Continuity Plan

Our consultant partners have more than two decades of experience in business continuity planning, testing and training. Jointly, we have worked across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and a wide range of industries, from financial services and healthcare, to transport and housing. 

Bringing together audit, consultancy, practical exercises and training, we provide support packages to help your organisation grow more resilient and better able to handle any incident in your organisation and in the media with confidence. Our packages, individually tailored to your requirements, enable you to meet all your B.C.P. needs in one place.

As a leading crisis communications consultancy, we can also build in as much or as little media 'collateral' as you need for your exercise day; TV, radio reports, press, real-time social media, news conferences. 



Andy Osborne has worked as a consultant and trainer, specialising in the fields of crisis management and business continuity management, for more than twenty years.

He has a wealth of practical experience developing, implementing and testing crisis management and business continuity plans. Andy has worked with numerous clients across a broad range of industries, including: housing, travel, transport, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, energy, utilities, insurance, financial services, local government, education and IT.

He has prepared and facilitated in excess of 200 scenario-based crisis management and business continuity exercises, and is the author of the highly acclaimed books 'Practical Business Continuity Management' and 'Risk Management Simplified'.

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Our worldwide travel industry consultant partner is Lloyd Figgins.


Lloyd Figgins is a travel risk expert, author and speaker. He is a former police officer and security advisor who has worked in over 80 countries, including some of the world’s more hostile and remote regions. Lloyd has led incident management teams around the world and dealt with many major incidents. His approach to business continuity planning helps organisations develop workable and realistic solutions, in order they can achieve positive outcomes from adverse situations. 

Lloyd is Chairman of the Travel Risk & Incident Prevention (TRIP) Group, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an internationally respected authority on the subject of travel risk and crisis management. He often provides commentary in the media and makes regular appearances on the BBC, ITV and Sky News.