Podcast Training, Production & Voice Coaching

Delivering your message with authority

Podcast Production

Staff and external engagement are the buzz words of modern business. 

Mentor has a team of highly experienced radio professionals and journalists.

We can help you communicate your external and internal messages, succinctly and powerfully with interesting audio podcasts.

From producing the finished article for your organisation, to assisting you in making your podcasts, we'll support you with each step of the journey. 

Podcast Training

Mentor has an expert team of audio specialists, some of whom continue to make broadcast programmes for the likes of BBC Radio 4, as well as commercial podcasts. 

We can support you with training in planning, recording and editing engaging audio content, including audiograms and royalty-free music stings. Our training course covers;

  • How to produce engaging and impactful content, incl; consideration for videoing, structure, guests, regularity
  • Technical and practical advice and tips, incl; location, editing, mixing, & kit
  • Presentation skills for contributors
  • Ideas for marketing & distribution

Content is King! Don't put your reputation on the line with poor quality output - speak to one of our friendly team.