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Mentor Media Training celebrates 25 years in communications coaching, having built an international reputation as media, crisis and presentation specialists, since 1998.

All our consultants have a background in national journalism and broadcast media.

E-learning and online communications training

We provide the only CPD Accredited media training courses across a range of formats, both face-to-face and E-learning. Using an interactive video platform, we'll coach your teams in crisis media handling, down-the-line video interviews and key message development. 

We work around the world and in the UK across the private, public and third sectors, including government departments, health, housing, education, FTSE100 corporate, leading brands, financial, transport and energy. 

People say our courses are fun and among the best training they've ever had;

Our CPD accredited courses are tailored to the needs of each client, backed up by decades of experience across broadcast, social, print and reputation management. People tell us that our practical sessions are the best. They often go home knowing more about themselves and in a team-building way, can get to know their colleagues better too.

Our growing list of clients enjoy excellent support from our media coaching consultants based around the country, including London, the South and Westcountry, the Midlands and the North.

Why choose us?

 Comprehensive CPD accreditation across all of our courses.

- Our training is highly agile, with facilities in Bristol and London, or we can bring our mobile camera / audio kit to you.

- Practical exercises are conducted in a very realistic manner by experienced tutors, all of whom have a background in journalism or presentation training.

- A proven track record in turning apprehensive delegates into inspiring thought leaders. Our courses can feed in to your delegates' development goals and are bespoke to your needs.

- We use technological innovation and the latest techniques to make your experience authentic and memorable. We're one of the only media training companies capable of delivering an advanced television interview experience at your HQ. We also have access to working TV studios, where required.

- Our social media training is exceptional, having designed and built a secure social media training platform for crisis exercises, social media confidence building, messaging workshops and customer service training.

- Confidentiality is our trade mark, which has won our clients' trust over 20 years and thousands of delegates.

As a fast growing, Bristol and London based digital agency, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for digital, training and creative solutions across video production, website development and digital marketing.

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