Media Simulation

Including social media simulation training - offered remotely

Regular incident testing is an essential part of any business continuity or crisis management plan. Increasingly, it is becoming a requirement for insurance, tendering purposes and to meet propriety guidelines. 





Mentor's training and video departments regularly produce mock radio, TV and social media products and news reports. 

Our teams regularly produce mock news reports and 'as-live' crisis style interviews for a range of clients, from FTSE 100 companies to numerous not-for-profit organisations. 

We recently produced highly realistic, simulated news bulletins for a high street brand's crisis continuity event.

Our full service simulation products include;

  • Mock TV news reports, bulletins and 'as-live' inserts for exercises
  • Mock radio news reports and bulletins 
  • Social simulation via our unique 'Splutter' training platform
  • Simulated press media and digital web pages
  • Subject matter expert-style guests and actors to role-play any scenario
  • Access to teams of press and broadcast journalists so that you can create the most realistic exercise imaginable

Here's a sample of one of our simulated TV news bulletins:

Here's a sample of one of our radio news reports;


We can plan and run your incident management exercise, if necessary involving other agencies and partner organisations (e.g. emergency services). 

Mentor can provide ‘journalist’ teams to bring authenticity to the media element of your exercise, with access to teams of more than twenty journalists and camera operators across print, radio, TV news reporting and social media.


Social media resilience training is becoming an increasingly vital part of any organisation’s crisis planning. We can add full multimedia realism to your  exercise event, including through our social media simulation product, “Splutter”.

The process includes: 

Writing a fully timed and developed incident scenario which is introduced to your incident management team in stages as the day progresses.

Real time decisions have to be made and all actions flagged up and noted, so the exercise acts as a test for the team and for your plan.

Our consultants help you review both your performance and crisis communications plan, in an on-the-day plenary session and in subsequent review. 

Whether you are assessing your corporate governance, business continuity planning or crisis readiness, ensuring your staff can respond and react in a range of social media situations is essential. Whether you need experienced journalists or actors to role-play an incident scenario - Mentor can help.