Strategic Communication Courses

Strategic Communication Courses

In response to demand from new and existing clients, Mentor has developed a new course and consultancy options for supporting your communications and marketing teams in a post-pandemic, convergent world. 

Mentor, now in its 25th year, is perfectly placed to support you and your teams in building an innovative, agile, digital communication team. Our friendly marketing and communication experts, can audit your communication strategy, finding ways to develop it over the coming years or during times of change and transformation.

One of the common 'growing pains' we hear about in communications teams, is the treadmill of reactive operations, with little time to focus on longer term strategic aims. 

We'll work alongside you to help set out a strategic direction for your content to reach the audiences with which you need to connect. The course combines a balance of theory and practical exercises to accelerate your desired outcomes.

What the course covers: 

Developing a strategic approach to communication for any audience

  • Strategic conversations with which we should engage those we should leave? 
  • Reactive v. proactive: doing both, well. The role of strategic planning
  • Owning the narrative in an increasingly VUCA world: (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous)
  • The communications landscape in the mid-2020’s post-COVID: convergence
  • What do media outlets need from us?
  • How to deconstruct what news is/isn't 
  • How to use strategic tools to create our own news agenda
  • Building our messaging; evidence and case studies around key ‘markers’


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