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Social Media Training Seminars

Social media resilience training is becoming an increasingly vital part of any organisation’s crisis planning.

So what have you done about it?

Whether you are assessing your corporate governance, business continuity planning or crisis readiness, ensuring your staff can respond and react in a range of social media situations is essential.

Mentor will ensure your social media policy shakes down and that your team has more confidence in dealing with negative social media, enquiries via social media and developing the types of responses which have the most positive effects.

Several of our clients have reported improvements in the confidence of their staff following one of our "Splutter" sessions. They’re fun, immersive, and don’t have to impinge on your team’s hectic day. We run them in morning and afternoon bursts, creating maximum flexibility for your staff.

Mentor is uniquely placed to offer platinum level social media training, through classroom training and practical simulation, which cover the following;

  • Highly interactive social media training and messaging sessions as stand alone events, or they can be integrated as part of a Crisis Communications training day.
  • A social simulation service, delivered through our branded in-house platform "Splutter", can be integrated into any crisis resilience exercise day. 
  • Customer Services training using "Splutter" to improve your team's social confidence, performance, tone and consistency of messaging across your company.

Our events cover:

* Social media best practise

* Appropriate channels for your organisation

* Audiences and understanding them

* Responding to negative messages

* Crisis resilience

* Tone / 'voice' and house style

Please contact Anna in our office to discuss how we can support you: