The University of Sheffield is renowned for its engineering excellence and advancements in nuclear science research.

Following a programme of advanced media skills training for various academics, it was brought to our attention that one of our 'Mentees', Dr Claire Corkhill, had been getting noticed in the press for her groundbreaking research work in nuclear waste materials.

Dr Corkhill told Mentor that as a direct consequence of attending our course, the confidence she gained to speak to journalists had resulted in winning further research funding!


Mentor's course gave Dr Claire Corkhill the range of skills she needed to talk about her work to the media, with interviews featured on BBC News online and radio, The Observer and The New Scientist.

Mentor was invited back to provide media awareness workshops at The Faculty of Engineering's PhD students' Summer School. 

We have a proven track record across the university sector and continue to train academics at numerous institutions. 


“So the Mentor media training that I received... taught me about how the media works, and when I understood what it was that they wanted from me, it really gave me the confidence to talk about my research. I the BBC, The Observer and thanks to really wide media coverage, different organisations got in touch with me - people from industry, from government organisations - they were interested in funding further research, and they have in fact funded some further research. So the media training really helped my research and gave me new opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have come about – so thank you very much Mentor Media.”

Dr Claire Corkhill, University of Sheffield