The media can be a powerful influencer of public opinion – and for many, will be the only source through which they form their impression of the Forestry Commission. 

The organisation has the potential to reach millions of people every day through its media and events activities - highlighting the amazing work they do for the public and their environment. 

Forestry issues have been high on the global political agenda, the Ash dieback fungal disease being one of the recent high profile concerns in the UK. It was important that the Forestry Commission should be known as the experts they are, in the sector. Media activity allows the Commission to explain its ambitions, successes and challenges, to the millions of people who expect accessible and coherent explanations of complex issues in the natural world.

For this reason the Communications team wanted to ensure they had a bank of confident and competent spokespeople who are able to work alongside them, to respond to media requests and to proactively promote the initiatives and work of the Forestry Commission.

Mentor won the tender bid to deliver media training to make sure this happened and has worked with Forest Area Directors, Plant Health specialists, Forest Services, the Public Forest Estate team and Forest Research team all over the country. The organisers wanted to take a strategic approach to the training and look at specific issues and departments. The training mostly took place in beautiful forest centres much to the delight of our trainers.

““I was really pleased that the trainers were very clear about the media’s objectives and motives as these back up what the communications team have been talking about internally too! The day was very content rich and the trainers had such a wealth of experience in the field. I really felt we were being trained by people who had on the ground experience (not just theoretical knowledge). Their style was engaging and held my attention throughout. We all left the session feeling more confident and better equipped to deal with the media.””

Laura Freer, Marketing & Communications Manager, Forestry Commission