Change management is a constant requirement for many of us – and nowhere more so than in the NHS. The biggest adjustment to the way the NHS works in recent years was the formation of CCGs – Clinical Commissioning Groups.  All at once, doctors who were relatively closeted within their GP surgeries are finding that they are having to update their communication skills to deal with presentations and questions at public forums, as well as the attentions of the media.

CCGs in Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Gloucester and Swindon are among those to have been on the receiving end of media training provided by Mentor.

The experience of our team and their extensive understanding of the issues within the health service have been commented on by senior managers and organisers, who need challenging training for the commissioning doctors and staff, which guarantees the right outcome.

Busy people need the reassurance that they will understand the media, how it works and how to be an expert commentator in the one day they take out of work to be with us. It's fair to say, some start with lower expectations, only to be surprised at the way the training empowers them and dissipates their dread of public speaking and media questioning.

“Thank you for an excellent day last week – feedback has been fantastically good and everyone found the session instructive, positive and confidence-building. I would be surprised if I ever saw a PowerPoint slide with 35 bullet points again!”

Sallie Ecroyd, Communications Manager, NHS