2018 is the year Mentor celebrates 20 years supporting organisations like yours.

During that time, our journalist trainers have significantly improved confidence, engagement and media messaging opportunities for key public sector spokespeople.

We've run our first class courses for high profile government departments such as the ONS, MOD and Cabinet Office, through to higher education, local councils, police and the NHS.

Our cost effective, bespoke group and one-one sessions and seminars, have enabled scores of publicly accountable organisations to distill their messages, informing taxpayers about the relevance of their work in 'lay' terms, rather than technical jargon.

We 'get' that you have limited budgets and many of your senior people are time poor - so we work around it and get the best outcome for you and your team, at the best price. 

Here at Mentor, it's our belief that our courses create wider benefits for your organisation in message development, team building, public speaking/conferences, continuing professional development and informing public debate. So any budgets in those areas will be relevant to our course structures. Our highly practical sessions are designed for fast-learning development, with audio/visual interviews and fantastic take away materials.

We're proud of our proven track record in helping universities win research funding following one of our advanced media skills courses, supporting NHS organisations during public consultations, helping local council staff before 'Today' programme slots and crisis support services for numerous public sector bodies.

We guarantee that you'll feel more confident in being a central part of those vital conversations which play out both on social and traditional media.

Contact Dawn or Dave now for a chat or quote. We'll even give you a discount if you book more than one course:

0117 305 8900 office@mentorltd.co.uk

“I was on Radio 4’s Today Programme yesterday morning! Thanks so much for all the training – it really stood me in good stead.”

Eleanor Summers, Bath & North East Somerset Council Heritage Services