One day to change the way the world sees and hears you...

In a year that changed the world, our close working relationship with numerous NHS organisations has never felt more important.

Since our team works across the system, we understand the current pressures on healthcare provision, its relationship with community and mental health and the wider social care issues. 

So what makes great media training?

Bespoke, emotionally intelligent, media-relevant training, which elicits the most authentic version of you. We'll help you to mould engaging, simple-to-understand content / messaging, with practical preparation tips, coached by experienced journalists who've been there and done it.

Recently, Mentor training consultants have worked with numerous CCG's, care and mental health services trustshospitals, colleges and societies across the country, including in Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Bristol, Yorkshire and London.

Some of these have been as part of our highly popular three level packages, conducting one-to-one, intermediate and advanced media skills sessions. Our team has also given crisis consultancy support to others, on specific issues which have been the focus of regional and national news media.

We've also run live TV studio workshops in London for the senior NHS management of Health Education England.

While for some health workers, the feelings of taking part in media training occasionally conjure up a bit of 'white-coat syndrome' first thing, we guarantee that by the end of the day, your delegates will gain confidence and feel much better about their abilities to handle the media. After all, journalists are still only people. In addition, participating doctors can gain 6 CPD (external) points from the Royal College of Physicians.

Get in touch for a chat about how we can make your conversation with the public even more empowering.

To help support your messaging, we also have an in-house video/animation team;

“Thank you so much to Dave for teaching us and to the team for organising a fantastic training session, probably the best thing we have attended all year!”

Dr Kathreena M Kurian BSc, MD, MBBS, FRCPath, (Neuro) Honorary Consultant Neuropathologist/University of Bristol, Reader in Brain Tumour Research