"The Jargon Generation Game!" - Play now and create a ridiculous phrase to use today!

Play "The Jargon Generation Game!"

From the health sector to finance, military to the media - every organisation has its own internal 'shorthand', which is used in everyday conversation to communicate quickly with colleagues.

But these phrases, TLA's - Two and Three-Letter-Acronyms, are a barrier to communication in the media, public meetings and outside your office reception.

So while many in business still use these terms, phrases and idle acronyms, our game highlight's their absurdity.

Play "The Jargon Generation Game" and regale your colleagues with some total claptrap today!

From our list of phrases below - pick one from each column and create your new meaningless buzz-phrase for meetings and internal engagement 'pieces'! Then watch how many of your colleagues simply accept your use of them?

A cautionary note - NEVER use in any media or public setting!













 So. How did your 'Profile Awareness Rationale' work out?!

Article Author: Magnus Carter, FCIPR

Magnus is one of our crisis communications specialists, handling all aspects of crisis training, planning and exercise management. As Mentor's founding consultant, he has an international reputation for media and crisis communications consultancy. Magnus started his career as a newspaper journalist, later spending 25 years in news and current affairs broadcasting, working with the BBC and commercial companies in both radio and television. He is an associate consultant of Bristol Business School at the University of West of England, where he was a senior lecturer in postgraduate journalism before founding Mentor Consultancy in 1998. Magnus has worked with many corporate and public sector clients to ensure that media encounters become a positive opportunity, even in times of crisis. He is a Fellow of and trainer for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Magnus is author of Handling the Media! and several published articles on reputation management.