Mentor launches Social Simulation training platform 'Splutter'

'Splutter' is a new venture launched by the digital and media training divisions of Mentor.

The secure system simulates, interaction on the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in a crisis scenario.  The Splutter software tool, now pending a trademark, is used in conjunction with social media training to build the confidence of customer service and communications teams in using all major social media channels.

The training demonstrates how to get the most out of social media, when to react and not react, all in a ‘real- time’ pressure situation.

The outcome of Splutter training is to give participants a rounded understanding of how the major social media networks function, plus the tools and framework to be more effective when dealing with the public, or promoting your organisation. Licenced to each exercise event with an accompanying social media journalist / operator, any client can post, react, follow, & create new players & ‘legends’ as the exercise progresses.  

The system is highly flexible and can run with a handful of participants, or it can be scaled up to work with a dozen or more exercise players. If you are interested in finding out more about Splutter, or booking the system for a bespoke social media simulation session, please contact us today. 

Article Author: Dave Mason

Dave is Mentor Media Training's Managing Director. He is a CIPR Accredited Practitioner and regularly trains for the PR industry institute. His extensive career in broadcasting spans 30 years across radio and television. He has coached executives from major public and private sector organisations, as well as the UK Armed Forces/NATO, around the world for the past decade. Dave is respected for his inspiring training, which is supportive and concentrates on fast learning development. A founding presenter and shareholder of Somerset’s Orchard FM, he went on to work extensively in commercial radio around the UK, as well as BBC News, where he was a Correspondent at BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 1 Newsbeat. Dave has been a TV presenter, reporter and producer at ITN, GMTV, (ITV Breakfast), ITV News Westcountry and HTV West. He was one of GMTV’s senior producers for a decade, covering major international, domestic, political and entertainment stories. His roles have included senior news producing and planning, undercover investigations, war reporting and features production. He still broadcasts as a crisis communications pundit on LBC, BBC Radio and is a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Bath Spa, Gloucestershire and the Cardiff School of Journalism. He is the author of 'Handling the Media In Good Times & Bad'.