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A safe, virtual environment

Splutter - Social Media Training

Social media resilience training is hard to achieve without doing it for real. Mentor can re-create a simulated world of social, including news organisations and stakeholders.

Whether you are assessing your corporate governance, business continuity planning or crisis readiness, ensuring your staff can respond and react in a range of social media situations is essential.

So what have you done about it?

Mentor will ensure your company policy shakes down and that your team has more confidence in dealing with negative social media, enquiries via social media and developing the types of responses which have the most positive effects.

Several of our clients have reported improvements in the confidence of their staff following one of our "Splutter" sessions. They’re fun, immersive, and don’t have to impinge on the whole of your team’s hectic day. We run them in morning and afternoon bursts, creating maximum flexibility for your staff.

Video Testimonial 

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Customer services team training

As many of us know from our own positive outcomes, complaining via Twitter can be a fast-track way to get a desired ‘result’ from companies, when our initial moans seem to fall on deaf ears.

Mentor’s social media simulator enables you to train your customer services teams to be much more effective in coping with ‘incoming’ complaints and comments – all in real time.

How can an organisation 'test' a social media crisis?

· Via a paper exercise - Your Tweets put onto powerpoint slides used in exercising.

· When one breaks for REAL, so you learn from your mistakes – BIG TIME!  #that's-a-big-no-no!

· Hire “Splutter” from Mentor to ‘stress test’ your crisis plan and messaging in a secure environment. 

Many companies’ crisis communication plans are little more than well crafted theses on what they would do, if a corporate crisis broke. But not having the media element of surprise, or the human reaction to ‘hit back’, (or better, professionally respond), to them during an exercise, means the messages are never tested in anger, until a crisis happens for real. 

“Splutter” not only feels very real, it is very immersive and easy to use. It quickly enables fast learning development within a couple of hours of practice, so that your leadership team can better adapt and tweak your crisis messaging, following one of our real-time exercises.

“Splutter” can also train your communications team to develop and deal with its crisis messaging and response, via a simulated emergency exercise, which will stress test your processes in a safe environment.

 You can hire Splutter for single events, with or without Mentor’s specialist social media crisis trainers.

For more information - see the "Splutter" section in Social Media Training. 

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