Head of Training speaks at New York conference

Mentor's latest Facebook Live - Times Square, New York


The annual Duty of Care Conference is an event I've spoken at before - but this year was special.

Firstly, getting to meet so many interesting international delegates and share experiences and knowledge is always a boon. Then there was the matter of spending two days on Times Square - the beating heart of New York City. 

The event also created a perfect opportunity for Mentor Training to, once again, go 'live' from the conference using 'Facebook Live'. It was a means to broadcast with some distinguished guests and relay some of the flavour of the themes being explored. 

Watch here to see guests, former airline pilot, Tracy Lamb of SGS North America and Mark Wolsey, Enterprise Security Leader, PwC.

Above - panel session, NYC Duty of Care conference with Tracy Lamb, chair, Dave Mason, Mentor, Mark Wolsey- PwC, & Ken Burgess, of Leidos, talking perception of risk and kidnap.

The conference dealt with matters as diverse as employers' duty of care when staff go abroad, the legal implications, getting sick abroad, kidnap and the perception of risk, cyber security and threats, cultural and family considerations and tax and immigration. My talk focused on the complexities of international journalism and my kidnap experience in Beirut some years ago.

Our panel session concentrated on people's perception of risk and how many of us conduct our day to day lives with increasingly limited self and situational awareness.

It was my first time in The Big Apple since 2005 and I noted significant changes, amid all the Trump v Clinton mania;

The cabs are electric, (hybrids), consequently there's less city noise and pollution - it felt futuristic.
Times Square is pedestrianised with mega high definition screens, turning night into day as never before. Many of the screens are wrapped around buildings on Broadway! 
$8 for a beer meant almost 8 quid for beer!
The 9/11 memorial was all in place and the Freedom Tower is 1776 feet tall, symbolising the year America signed the Declaration of Independence. (White roses are placed on the memorial names, which denote their birthdays).

One final tip for travellers trying to get out of New York?
Don't try to get a yellow cab to JFK at 5pm during heavy rain!
This guy in Times Square had a message for Trump supporters!

Article Author: Dave Mason

Dave is Mentor Media Training's Managing Director. He is a CIPR Accredited Practitioner and regularly trains for the PR industry institute. His extensive career in broadcasting spans 30 years across radio and television. He has coached executives from major public and private sector organisations, as well as the UK Armed Forces/NATO, around the world for the past decade. Dave is respected for his inspiring training, which is supportive and concentrates on fast learning development. A founding presenter and shareholder of Somerset’s Orchard FM, he went on to work extensively in commercial radio around the UK, as well as BBC News, where he was a Correspondent at BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 1 Newsbeat. Dave has been a TV presenter, reporter and producer at ITN, GMTV, (ITV Breakfast), ITV News Westcountry and HTV West. He was one of GMTV’s senior producers for a decade, covering major international, domestic, political and entertainment stories. His roles have included senior news producing and planning, undercover investigations, war reporting and features production. He still broadcasts as a crisis communications pundit on LBC, BBC Radio and is a visiting lecturer at the Universities of Bath Spa, Gloucestershire and the Cardiff School of Journalism. He is the author of 'Handling the Media In Good Times & Bad'.