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'Many thanks to Mentor Training for their excellent, (and entertaining), training. As I said to our tutors on the day: “you let us sweat in here, so that we don’t have to cry outside!”' Dr Steve Wright, UWE Bristol

Testimonial from Dr Jane Townson, CEO, Somerset Care Ltd.

"After a day with Dave and Rachel, we’d learned what to do, what not to do, and how to play the journalists’ own game.

I won’t pretend we weren’t apprehensive. Some of us were downright scared beforehand. But it was a very supportive environment, with only our triumphs, not our disasters shared, and we practised and practised and practised.

Each time, we felt less embarrassed, more competent and more confident.

Now we know that, with preparation and practise, we can give it a go and that Mentor is always there to help us if we need extra coaching and feedback for a specific purpose.

Since doing this training, I’ve found the courage to put myself “out there” and, on the back of only one published article so far, have been contacted and interviewed by various journalists for both print and broadcast media pieces, both locally and nationally.

We all found this training valuable and can thoroughly recommend Mentor."