TED speakers are some of the best speakers in the world so you might not think they need any coaching. Well, for the most part they don’t - but when you lead busy lives it helps to spend a short time with a coach to rehearse, focus on your talk and ensure you have a strong message to give your audience on the day.

This was something the TEDMED Live Bristol organisers recognised when they invited Mentor’s Tina Coulsting Carter to coach the awe-inspiring group of speakers who were going to appear. This was the first TEDMED Live event to be held outside the USA and Bristol needed to get it right.

The speakers, world experts in their fields, were given the breathing space to check their presentations and the impact they would have on a diverse audience, at Mentor’s comfortable training facilities. Sometimes when you know so much about something it helps to have someone make you stand back and suggest different ways of saying it and delivering it to make your points even more powerfully.

“Thanks Tina for all the coaching you provided. The TEDMED speakers really appreciated what we provided for them and there is no doubt that it had an impact. We had amazing feedback about the outstanding quality of the talks and how engaging and clear our speakers were.”

Dr Jenny Knapp, Senior Programme Manager, GW4 and Bristol Health Partners, University of Bristol